More Photos, Less Type

My photographic journey has been, just that. Taking more photographs and uploading them, neglecting the blog space.


A couple of updates,

I’ve gone off the beaten track into 360 Panoramic photography. This will be my mainstay, as my interest in architecture and landscape progresses. A niche amongst a niche of photography.


  • Nodal Ninja 4, RD16 Rotator + EZlevellerII. Nadir Adaptor included.
  • 8-15mm L, Canon Fisheye Lens.
  • Sirui N2204, with a G20 ballhead.

I must say, I am very happy with the purchases. As a realtor and photographer, I hope that my clients will appreciate the extra value addeded this brings to their property. The skillset is unique to very few photographers around the world, and especially few in Singapore. It takes a lot of time to learn and study, and experiment. The next time I remember to update this space, maybe I will take a photo of the gear.


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